Why I Produce Theatre

I love actors. As a kid growing up in the eighties, my favorite Harrison Ford movie was not "Raiders of the Lost Ark".  It was "Witness", a drama about a big city cop hiding a murder witness in a rural Amish community. The special effects and spectacle of "Raiders" didn't captivate me nearly as much …


Expose Yourself to Art

What a great read and a fantastic trumpeting of the arts by Todd Hirsch of the Globe and Mail.  I had to post this. Happy Easter everybody! "The economic imperative for investing in arts and culture" TODD HIRSCH Special to The Globe and Mail Published Wednesday, Mar. 27 2013, 7:30 PM EDT In this age of …

Keep the Cosmic Tumblers Moving

     “Luck knows no reason nor 'what's right.” ― Palladas of Alexandria    Recently I heard somebody mention the idea of "cosmic tumblers", in reference to our fates being determined by powers greater than ourselves.    The last two days, I've had a run of luck such that my cosmic tumblers are stuck on …

Christy Clark Loves The Camera But Not Camera Operators

Mitch and Murray Productions Patrons, Colleagues and Supporters of BC's Film Industry,   The film industry in British Columbia has been an enormous boost to the province's economy over the past 20 years.  Over a billion dollars a year in production is spent in our province, providing jobs and revenue for thousands of highly trained …

Butt Out Your Cell Phone

Watched Cirque de Soleil - Amaluna last night with the lady.  Fantastic show. As with most theatre or movie outings these days, my enjoyment is always tempered by an ugly asterisk. During one of the most daunting and tense balancing acts, several people from the audience took flash photos and many were texting throughout the …

In Search of A Wealthy Dentist

Patron: n. "One that supports, protects, or champions someone or something, such as an institution, event, or cause; a sponsor or benefactor." My theatre company's recent production of David Mamet's RACE would have to qualify as a complete success.  I say that as humbly and "Canadian" as I can.  Independently produced (aka shoestring budget), we …

Turning Mamet Fear Into Christmas Cheer

Half hour to curtain. We actors were finishing off our vocal warmups on the theatre floor.  A sold out house was streaming into the lobby, the pre-show wine and conversation buzzing. This was to be  the closing night performance of David Mamet's RACE, my theatre company's play that had sold out several times during its …

Picture of Man With Bic Lighter at Rock Concert Goes Viral



According to a study by The Hollywood Reporter, a majority of moviegoers ages 18-to-34 believe using social media while watching a movie in the theater would make their experience more enjoyable, and nearly half would be interested in going to theaters that allowed texting and web-surfing during a screening.

   A growing number of theaters and performing groups across the USA are setting aside “tweet seats,” in-house seats for patrons to live-tweet during performances, including the Carolina Ballet in Raleigh, N.C., and the Dayton Opera in Dayton, Ohio.

   I was recently at a Coldplay concert ( ummm, girlfriend's birthday) and at the apex of the encore of the world's biggest band, with confetti raining down from the rafters, 18,000 bracelets lit up in the dark and Chris Martin bathed in sweat and leaping all over the stage....I couldn't help noticing the girl 3 seats down, texting.  And her friend next to her.  And the guy two rows in front.  And the couple to our left.  Actually, they might have been tweeting.

   Same goes for sporting events with the world's greatest athletes on display, movies, weddings and I imagine, these days, funerals.

    We are everywhere at once and nowhere all the time.

     At this point in the conversation, the technology lovers scoff and say that you're a dinosaur, that you won't embrace change, that you're "old school".


     In Nicholas Carr's book "The Shallows", he talks about this culture of distraction


Your Son May be Gay and Have a Wicked Slap Shot.

I replayed the clip over several times, wondering why it so captured and moved me.  Brian Burke, NHL general manager and hockey overlord was being interviewed by George Stroumboulopolous on CBC's "The Hour".  Anybody who knows hockey is well aware of the brash, blunt and highly opinionated persona of Mr.Burke.  He is a burly tough …

What “brand” are you?

"Brands are the express checkout for people living their lives at ever increasing speed." (Brandweek) Walking out of the movie theatre, I felt thrilled, invigorated and renewed. I had just seen one of the most original, complex and visually interesting films of recent memory, "The Tree of Life". While it was certainly a heady film …