A blog from Vancouver local and part time Los Angeleno, actor Aaron Craven.

If my words give you some inspiration or change your perspective a touch, I’m gratified.  If they anger you and make you defensive, I suggest you call the Sense of Humour Hotline and ask for the maintenance department.

This blog contains musings on theatre, art, film, urban life, 70’s movies, great white sharks, scotch blends, hockey and other ramblings from my inner cranium.

“I am all for everyone having a voice, I just don’t think everyone has earned the microphone. And that’s what the Internet has done.” (Aaron Sorkin).

Follow my production company and acting studio through http://www.mitchandmurrayproductions.com or http://www.studioonthedrive.com

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2 Replies to “AARON CRAVEN – The 411”

  1. Dear Aaron… very nice Article…..if you care to edit, you should add ‘AND QUEBEC” and “Georgia” to places that we now lag behind….

    All the best,


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