It Takes a Village To Raise a Play

Why did I start a theatre company?

Why, in the era of smartphones, YouTube and Netflix do I sell people on the idea of sitting in the dark with strangers for two hours?

Right Way

Why do I beg, borrow and steal to put up a yearly show that provides almost no financial return for months of work?

Because Theatre matters more than ever.  Because I don’t believe all this screen time truly feeds our need for connection.  Because when Theatre works, when an audience and performers collectively buy in, there’s nothing like it.

I hear what many of you are thinking.  “Yeah, Aaron, but when Theatre sucks I want a trap door under my seat so I can get out of there and watch Game of Thrones at home.”

I grant you that.  So with my Theatre company in Vancouver, our mandate is to never suck.  To always be relevant.  To give our audience a glass of wine in an actual glass and to make Theatre sexy and provocative. To produce work which strikes a chord with a diverse audience.  Yes, there’s that hot topic word – DIVERSE.

Race is a hot topic.  So we produced a show about race. It was called……… “Race.”

RACE - 2012
RACE, 2012

The 1% is a hot topic. So we produced a show about financial panic.


The environment and millennials are a hot topic.  So we produced a play about environmental millennials.

LUNGS, 2013
LUNGS, 2013

Feminism is a hot topic. So we’re attempting to produce a play about gender politics.


According to critics and audiences, we’ve been pretty damn entertaining. Mitch and Murray Productions. If you don’t know us, Google that stuff.

None of this sexy, provocative relevance can happen without support from a dedicated village of donors and sponsors. For the 9% of readers who are still reading this post, I assume you’re candidates.  You’re the ones we need to care, to step up and say “I believe in what you’re doing and here’s my support.” Patronage has always been an essential part of artistic survival. The cost of producing Theatre versus the limited product (seats) makes this a hard but special reality.  You’re a contributor to something rare, unique and fleeting. And you don’t have to dress in white and bring your own chair.

What does $10 do in Vancouver_-2

Theatre by its very nature is an art form that must be sought out, nurtured and committed to.  The majority of people in any city naturally have other priorities than “supporting the arts”.  But for our partners in crime, those of you with creative drive in your bones, we need your backing. We also need those in our local industry to support us in our quest to produce modern relevant art.  We hear you talk about the need to update Theatre practice. And we’re doing it.  Right now.

This is a call to action.  We need to raise our annual fundraising goal by this Tuesday, September 22nd in order to produce “Rapture, Blister, Burn” for you this year. There are all kinds of perks for our funders.

We’re off pace from previous years and we need a final push.

Want to be a part of it?


Thank you. You’ve made a huge difference.




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