Christy Clark Loves The Camera But Not Camera Operators

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Mitch and Murray Productions Patrons, Colleagues and Supporters of BC’s Film Industry,
The film industry in British Columbia has been an enormous boost to the province’s economy over the past 20 years.  Over a billion dollars a year in production is spent in our province, providing jobs and revenue for thousands of highly trained cast and crew members.  So many sectors are direct beneficiaries of our industry and economic studies have consistently reinforced this fact.  Our local cityscape and topography are splashed on TV and Cinema screens worldwide, providing an untold economic boost to our tourism industry and our local identity.
The American film industry has become more global in the preceding decade and tax credit competition has become an essential part of keeping productions in our province.  Premier Christy Clark and the current provincial government have been nothing short of abysmal custodians of this once booming industry.  BC has now dropped behind Ontario in film production size and the film industry continues to decline as Ontario and US states such as Louisiana have recognized the industry’s value and beefed up their tax credit incentives to compete for the business.  The current government has been completely static on the matter and they’ve not addressed the changing landscape whatsoever in their platforms.  Incentivizing foreign investment is common practice in so many other business sectors and our industry is asking one simple question: “Why not BC Film?”
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This city and province is facing a mass exodus of artistic talent, as arts initiatives and the welfare of our film industry have been roundly ignored by the current government.  I myself have recently spent more of my time and money in the United States in the pursuit of a viable living as an artist.
The statisticians and union leaders can provide a more detailed take on the issue, but I ask my fellow industry colleagues and those of you who care about keeping the film industry alive in BC to write to Christy Clark and voice your concerns.
I love living in Vancouver. I was born and raised here, but simply must migrate elsewhere should we continue to develop as a city of glass towers and Cactus Club restaurants, with an eroding arts and culture community that is falling off the edge of its own fiscal cliff.
Help us be heard and support BC Film –
Your truly,
Aaron Craven

3 Replies to “Christy Clark Loves The Camera But Not Camera Operators”

  1. Great post, Aaron, and thanks for bringing awareness to this important issue. As much as I covet the weather in L.A., I’d like to continue working in my own city!

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